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MICRO 50 CACAO is our first sugar-free microdose formula crafted from 100% organic, ceremonial-grade cacao sourced from Peru and processed in Santa Barbara. With only 12 calories per serving, one piece contains less than 0.25g net carb and a 2:1 fat-to-carb ratio per serving, making this morsel a valuable addition to any intermittent fasting or biohacking regimen. The flavonoid Epicatechin in dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation, protects against cell damage, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, insulin resistance, and diabetes

Experience Level: Beginner

EFFECT: MICRO 50 CACAO will not impact your state of consciousness after consuming one chocolate. By consuming 1 chocolate every couple of days for 2 weeks, MICRO 50 CACAO can improve neuro-plasticity and neuro-regeneration, restore brain balance, and ease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma-related conditions for greater mental wellness and balance.

Tips: Take one CHOCOLATE on an empty stomach every other day.

Dosage: 0.5mg active, derived from 50mg fruiting body mushroom per chocolate square

All of our products are formulated with the highest purity standards using vegan, cruelty-free, full-spectrum actives, without any isolates, concentrates or synthesized source materials, allowing for the most natural and therapeutic altered states possible.

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic cacao, entheogenic mushroom fruiting bodies.