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Privacy and Terms & Conditions

We have a very client focused perspective, so we offer very clear rules of engagement when it comes to how we handle our mutual business.

Privacy: We do not share your data. In fact, only 2 staff members have access to our site, and only one of which can access your personal information.

Additionally, and more specifically, we will never share your mobile number. By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from us. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies aswe will limit messages to customer specific information only, never sending broad based marketing messages to your phone.

Shipping and handling: Orders are processed at time of payment, and we have a 5 business day shipping window for all customers.

Returns: Products that do not meet our quality standards will be replaced with new product. If the product is fine, but client feels like they selected the wrong product, we will offer replacements at a slight discount in order to ensure that both parties are protected from financial loss.

SMS: If you would like to receive texts from us, please ensure your cell phone number is loaded into your account. If at any time you'd like to opt-out of receiving SMS, simply remove your cell phone number from your profile, or respond to SMS with "STOP".

Thank you!

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